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The Family Footprint Project is my passion project, on- and offline. I have created it to inspire, support and encourage you to reduce the carbon footprint of your household.

Are you feeling a bit like me when it comes to the state of the environment and the changing climate? Guilty, helpless, and overwhelmed. In 2018, after a family trip to the Great Barrier Reef, I decided that I couldn’t sit by and watch the unfolding disaster any longer. I couldn’t single-handedly change government policy but I could take individual – imperfect – action. The Family Footprint Project is about as many of us as possible doing whatever is possible in our individual circumstances. We’re not aiming for perfection. We are simply taking action.

Ready to take some imperfect action?

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Recycling is Good. This is Better.

There is something better than recycling. It is National Recycling Week and that has prompted me to write this post. I know we've all grown up believing that recycling is the 'green' thing to do but we actually need to recycle less. What? Recycle less? Doesn't that...

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Eco-friendly Style

Is eco-friendly style an oxymoron? Does being fashionable not require a consumerist mindset? Or is it possible to be stylish and sustainable at the same time? Dressing Sustainably A while ago, I wrote a post about dressing sustainably. I mentioned that, in my effort...

Would You Give a Secondhand Gift?

Would you give a secondhand gift? How would you feel about receiving a secondhand gift? With Christmas next week, it is an ideal time to think about alternatives to our consumer culture. I love secondhand or thrift shopping. I am always hunting for a bargain but more...

10 Uses for a Tin Can

Did you make a tin can telephone as a kid? I did but are there grown up uses for a tin can? We throw away (and by 'throw away' I mean recycle) a lot of tin cans. Even though are recyclable, it would be great to extend the life of some of them to reduce the impact of...

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I’m Rebecca and I’m the project leader here and in my household. Find out more about me and why I started the Family Footprint Project.

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