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I am not currently writing for Family Footprint Project as I have returned to university to become a counsellor. I am leaving it up as an archive for now. I hope you find it helpful for working on your own family footprint project.

The Family Footprint Project is my passion project, on- and offline. I have created it to inspire, support and encourage you to reduce the carbon footprint of your household.

Are you feeling a bit like me when it comes to the state of the environment and the changing climate? Guilty, helpless, and overwhelmed. In 2018, after a family trip to the Great Barrier Reef, I decided that I couldn’t sit by and watch the unfolding disaster any longer. I couldn’t single-handedly change government policy but I could take individual – imperfect – action. The Family Footprint Project is about as many of us as possible doing whatever is possible in our individual circumstances. We’re not aiming for perfection. We are simply taking action.

Ready to take some imperfect action?

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No New Clothes in 2023

I have decided that I will buy no new clothes in 2023. Two things recently have motivated me to do this. In January, my friend Lisa had a birthday party where the theme was 'You do you'. I decided to go dressed in 'Op Shop Chic'. Then, earlier this month it was...

What about the soft plastic recycling problem?

Are you stockpiling soft plastics, waiting for soft plastic recycling to resume? I'm afraid you might be waiting a while. With REDCycle facing legal action, it could be a year or more before soft plastic collections resume in Woolies and Coles. In this post, I'd like...

DIY Activity Kits for Kids

Over the years I've collected a few ideas for DIY activity kits for kids and I thought I'd collect them all together in one spot for both you and me! These make great lower-waste gifts for children's birthdays or Christmas. There are so many plastic-filled craft kits...

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I’m Rebecca and I’m the project leader here and in my household. Find out more about me and why I started the Family Footprint Project.

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