20 Eco Steps to Take Right Away

Apr 17, 2019 | New Habits, Sustainable Swaps

Things You Can Do Now to Reduce Your Family Footprint

If you want to jump right in to reducing your family’s carbon footprint, there are some easy things you can get started on right away. If you haven’t already taken these steps, you might like to try…

Out and About

1. Carrying and using a refillable water bottle

2. Either using a reusable cup or sitting in a café for your cuppa when out and about

3. Carrying and using cloth shopping bags

4. Carrying and using reusable cutlery & a straw

In the Kitchen

5. Using a plastic free dishwashing brush

6. Using a reusable kitchen cloth rather than sponges

7. Reducing the number of meat meals you eat each week

8. Swapping tea bags for loose leaf tea and an infuser

In the Laundry

9. Washing clothes only after several wears

10. Washing clothes in cold water

11. Drying clothes on the washing line or drying racks

Photo by Marisa Harris on Unsplash

In the Bathroom

12. Swapping to bamboo toothbrushes

13. Using shampoo and conditioner bars rather than liquids in plastic bottles

14. Using bar soap rather than body wash and hand wash

Around the House

15. Giving away and receiving things through your local Buy Nothing or FreeCycle group

16. Placing a “No Junk Mail” sticker on the mail box

17. Recycling batteries at Aldi, IKEA or Battery World

18. Swapping to paperless billing and bank statements

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay


19. Borrowing books, including eBooks & audiobooks, from your local library

20. Cancelling physical magazine subscriptions

How many of these things are you currently doing consistently? How many do you think you could implement pretty quickly?

Personally, I’ve found these to be easy steps to take. It can be a bit harder to get the kids to do them consistently but I’m hoping they will follow my lead sooner rather than later! There are plenty more fairly straightforward steps that can be taken too. If you can already tick off a number of the above list, I challenge you to create your own list of 20 easy steps and make those changes. If you are interested to see what my first 20 steps were, you can find the list in Our First Family Footprint Steps.

It is worth mentioning too that there is no need to run out and buy any special items, such as a new dishwashing brush, unless yours is ready to be replaced. Make the swaps when your current supplies have been used up.

Right, let’s go! Comment below when you have made our list and let me know how you get on with it.

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