• Unhelpful Absolute Statements
    Hopefulness,  New Habits

    Unhelpful Absolute Statements

    There are some very unhelpful absolute statements going around. I mean the sort of statements where black is black and white is white and there is nothing in between. The sort of statements that say, “Unless you do this perfectly,…

  • Lighter Steps in a Global Crisis
    Hopefulness,  Our Project

    Lighter steps in a global crisis

    Globally, we’re living through something right now that most of us never imagined. Is it possible to maintain our family footprint projects and take lighter steps during this global crisis? Coronavirus has brought restrictions and shortages, and necessary changes to…

  • Everyday Environmental Activism
    Activism,  Hopefulness

    Everyday Environmental Activism

    Is it time for some everyday environmental activism at your place? You’ve been making changes to your own family footprint. You’ve been implementing ways to reduce your household consumption, waste creation and resource use. You’re trying hard to change the…

  • Arms raised in front of waterfall with rainbow

    Banishing Eco-Guilt

    Today I’m committing to banishing eco-guilt from my life and I want you to do the same. Yes we are facing an environmental disaster but placing the blame on ourselves isn’t fair. You know, if you have been on this…