• Reducing Waste

    Low Waste Advent Calendar Ideas

    I’ve gathered together some low waste Advent calendar ideas for you to share with your family this year. Counting down to Christmas is a popular family pastime but store-bought Advent calendars tend to be waste heavy. Making your own low-waste…

  • Homemade Yoghurt in bowl with berries
    Reducing Waste,  Tutorial

    How to: Homemade Yoghurt

    Homemade yoghurt is one of the things I suggested you could try making from scratch at home. At the time we were subscribed to a homemade yoghurt delivery service provided by a local young person. Since then I have perfected…

  • Makeup Remover Lotion and Reusable Wipes
    Reducing Waste,  Tutorial

    How to: Makeup Remover Lotion

    Makeup can be a plastic intensive product but makeup remover doesn’t have to be. A while ago I posted a how-to for making reusable makeup remover pads. At the same time, I made some makeup remover lotion and said I…

  • two apples in a single use plastic bag
    New Habits,  Reducing Waste

    Refusing Plastic in July

    Plastic Free July starts in just under a week. I’ve signed up to refusing plastic for the month. It is impossible for us to avoid ALL plastic as I discussed in a blog post around this time last year. However,…

  • How To Make Knitted Dish Scourer
    Reducing Waste,  Tutorial,  Upcycling

    How to: Knitted Dish Scourer

    Lately we’ve been using a knitted dish scourer I made myself. Most supermarket dish scourers are made from plastic so I will not buy those any more. Some compostable hemp or coconut fibre versions are available from specialty stores. We…

  • Low Waste Vegetable Gardening
    Grow Your Own,  Reducing Waste

    Low Waste Vegetable Gardening

    Recently I posted about reusing empty toilet rolls as seed raising pots. It got me thinking about low waste vegetable gardening and other ways to REFUSE, REDUCE, REUSE, ROT and RECYCLE when growing veggies. Along with the environmental benefits of…