• newspapers stacked and tied with string
    New Habits,  Reducing Waste

    Recycling is not the answer

    Recycling makes sense, doesn’t it? Reusing resources means Earth’s finite resources last longer, plus energy, fuel and water are saved in the harvesting of new resources. And making products from recycled materials uses less energy than making them from new…

  • Snowboarder with snow capped mountain backdrop
    New Habits

    Habit hack: Remove the Friction

    Changing habits is hard but we can set ourselves up for success. We can remove the friction stopping us from taking the action we desire. Sometimes the changes we will make for our Family Footprint Project are one-offs. We’ll research,…

  • Minimise Food Waste at Home
    New Habits,  Reducing Waste

    Minimising Food Waste at Home

    As a family wanting to reduce our carbon footprint, undoubtedly looking at ways to minimise our food waste is important. Food waste is not only costly for the household budget, the environmental impact of the production, transport, packaging and preparation…

  • Quick and easy menu planning
    New Habits,  Reducing Waste

    Quick and Easy Menu Planning

    I needed a quick and easy menu planning process to make menu planning a weekly habit, which I committed to do in Our First Family Footprint Steps. I’ve been refining my process over years and I’m at the point now…