• Fish on a coral reef
    Our Project

    What is your ‘why’?

    Our ‘why’ motivates action At the beginning of your Family Footprint Project is important to ask yourself, “What is my why? Why do I want to take my family down this path?” because down the track, this is what will…

  • The Bin Audit
    Our Project,  Reducing Waste

    The Bin Audit

    If you watched the ABC’s War on Waste you will have seen a few bin audits. Unpleasant though they may be, they are an invaluable way to see what really goes into your bin and take stock of where to start…

  • Sunrise on a new day
    Our Project

    Family Footprint Project Goals

    Making a start Well here we are on Day 1. What are my Family Footprint Project goals? What is it I want to achieve with this project? “To reduce our carbon footprint” is a lofty – and complicated – ambition.…