• Lagotto puppy running on the beach
    Reducing Waste

    Keeping Dog Waste Out of Landfill

    What do you do with your dog waste? I’m posting a quick post today with a little update about our goal of eliminating organic waste from our landfill bin. The one organic that has, until now, continued to go into…

  • Our Project,  Reducing Waste

    Minimising Waste to Landfill

    My major focus for 2019 was minimising waste to landfill from our household. Before moving on to new goals for 2020, I thought I’d recap our progress on this front and outline the steps we have taken. Emptying the Rubbish…

  • The Bin Audit
    Our Project,  Reducing Waste

    The Bin Audit

    If you watched the ABC’s War on Waste you will have seen a few bin audits. Unpleasant though they may be, they are an invaluable way to see what really goes into your bin and take stock of where to start…