25 Ways to Use Up Eggs

Aug 28, 2020 | Grow Your Own, Our Project

I’ve been searching for ways to use up eggs. We can scarcely keep up with the egg production of our four beautiful chooks. Our girls have been laying, more or less, an egg a day each all through the winter. What champions! They are young. We got them in April and they started laying in May and I believe both Australorps and Isa Browns are less bothered by the winter. They do get out in the sunshine to roam most days too.

our chooks who are laying lots of eggs
Our lovely girls – in my herb garden! Photo by Family Footprint Project

The regular supply (a dozen every three days!) has left me with a very lovely problem. What to do with all those eggs.

Our friends and neighbours have welcomed our egg deliveries but I would like to make more of an effort to use the abundance from our own backyard.

For my reference, and yours, here are 25 ways to use up eggs!

Sunny-Side Up

Eggy Snacks

use up eggs by making omelettes
Lunchtime omelette has become a regular thing! Photo by Family Footprint Project

Meals with Eggs

Egg-Rich Desserts

I could keep going – especially with the dessert recipes – sweet tooth much? I’m not the only one. My 16 year old would be happy to make the chocolate cake recipe he has found – that uses eight eggs! – every day if I would let him!

However, this list certainly gives me some more options besides another omelette for lunch! What is your favourite recipe that uses lots of eggs?

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